Even a casual fan of Big Brother might have been able to predict the target of this week's eviction based on last week's events. At this point, a certain player's fate seems all but sealed. Granted, there's still time for them to turn things around, if it's at all possible. But things aren't looking good. Those who want to know who won the Veto and whether or not it was used -- and what happened to Nicole after last Sunday's episode -- can read on to find out. If you don't want any Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers ahead of tonight's episode, read no further!

Just to recap the events leading up to Sunday night, Derrick and Nicole won Heads of Household. Nicole put up Donny and Amber, Derrick put up Jocasta and Caleb. Donny and Amber won Battle of the Block, dethroning Nicole. From there, the Veto competition was played. It sounds like Devin was among the houseguests who got to play in it, but it was Donny who won the Veto. Donny used it to save Jocasta and Devin was nominated in her place. So now it's Devin vs. Caleb on the block. It doesn't sound like there was any major post-Veto drama this week.

At this point, it looks like Devin will go home, though I can't help but wonder if the houseguests will regret not getting Caleb out when they had the chance. In terms of physically strong competitors, it's six of one, half a dozen of the other. In terms of sneaky and unpredictable players, Devin is the more obvious choice to send packing after last week's fiasco of an HoH week. Devin really couldn't have done a better job of ensuring that people want him out this week if he tried. Last week was an opportunity for Devin to strengthen his alliance, smooth things over with people and forge some one-on-one alliances/friendships with individual houseguests. Instead, he made a power move by putting Zach up, it wrecked his alliance and left him all on his own.

Right now, Devin's best move would probably be to convince enough people that Caleb is a major threat. He's done a bit of campaigning, but the damage might be too bad to repair. He seems prepared to be evicted tomorrow night. If there's any drastic turnaround between now and tomorrow, we'll be sure to update.

Team America
Team America
It's looking like Team America has completed their first mission. America chose for Derrick, Donny and Frankie to spread a rumor that one of the houseguests is related to a houseguest from a former season. They decided to start a rumor that Zach is related to Amanda Zuckerman from last year. The story they devised was that PaoPao told Donny that Zach told her he was Amanda's cousin. There were multiple conversations about this, so it seems like it caught on enough that Team America should get their $5k prizes for the task.

I wondered if Zach would freak out about this if/when he found out, but he seemed to find the whole thing kind of funny and from what I saw, he even played along with it, letting on as he was Amanda's cousin. It'll be interesting to see what footage is revealed related to this task. At one point a confused Nicole actually mentioned being unsure if this was some kind of America's Vote thing. She sort of dismissed that on her own, but the fact that it's in her head shows that some of these houseguests could be wise enough to figure out what's going on with these tasks sooner or later.

Frog costume
Nicole's a Frog!
As for what happened to Nicole, she's been turned into a frog... Here's a look at the head...

Frog head

There's no denying that Nicole is adorable in the frog suit, but I can't help but wonder what Derrick would have looked like it if he had been the one to lose Battle of the Block. Maybe we'll have our chance to see Derrick in a costume at some point soon. The unitard has yet to make an appearance this season, but that Veto competition, which awards one player a themed unitard to wear for the week, may be just around the corner...

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