Some major game-related events transpired in the Big Brother house. Anyone who's been watching the live feeds, or even last night's episode, might have predicted that. We have the results of the Veto ceremony here! To say that house-chaos has ensued seems relatively fair.

I say "relatively" because I'm not sure today's events surpass some post-Veto ceremony drama from past seasons, but it's no exaggeration that the feeds came back on to a non-stop chatter as houseguests scramble to figure out where their game stands. Spoiler alert: This is your last chance to turn back before I start spilling the details! Find out whether or not the Veto was used, and who's in Team America ahead...

As we reported previously, Devin won the Power of Veto, and we were unsure of whether or not he was going to use it and who he might put up as a replacement if he did. Earlier today, we were clued in to his plans as Devin sat by himself in the Head of Household room and practiced his Veto speech. It became clear as he prepared a speech about what Brittany sacrificed to come in and how Zach has been acting like he doesn't want to stay, that Devin was going to use the Veto to save Brittany and put Zach up in her place.

That's what he did. ”house”
Zach and PaoPao are now on the block.
Devin has had so many conversations with people about what he might do that there was no way to predict what he actually would do until today. When the feeds came on after the the Veto ceremony, the house was in a moderate uproar. There wasn't yelling or drama. But there were conversations and clusters of houseguests everywhere, whispering or talking openly about what was said. It sounds like PaoPao said some possibly harsh things during the Veto ceremony (presumably toward Devin). And it doesn't sound like anyone's feeling particularly supportive of Devin's decision to save Brittany and nominate Zach, except for Brittany, though she might be trying to keep her distance because Devin is no one's friend right now.

Whether or not this came from Devin's Veto speech, I'm not sure. We don't get to see the ceremony on the feeds. But it sounds like it came out that Nicole and Hayden were told that they were pawn-nominees and they had to win the Battle of the Block to save themselves so that Devin could get Brittany out. It also came out that PaoPao was told to throw the BotB competition. PaoPao denies throwing it. And Hayden/Nicole have been trying to do some damage control over their part of the situation, but I don't think anyone's really eying them all that suspiciously. After all, they had no choice but to follow along with that plan and try to save themselves. At worst, their part in the plan looks bad because they didn't say anything, but I don't think anyone's going to hold that too harshly against them right now.

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