Season 17 of Big Brother will be underway soon, and in anticipation of the premiere, we've taken a look at the Houseguests profiles and interviews, in an attempt to predict the order of eviction, from the $500,000 grand prize winner, all the way down to the first eviction.

CBS is promising a ton of twists, and there's only so much we can see from the profiles and interviews, so a lot of guesswork was obviously involved here. We'll start with Josh's list, starting with who he thinks will win, and working down to the houseguest he thinks will be sent packing first...

Josh's Picks
1. Austin
Austin's smart and a legit superfan. His plan to counteract his obvious physicality by playing up past injuries is a winner and he has the social game to be a monster player. He'll win competitions when he needs to and play the house like a fiddle all summer long.

2. Audrey
She's a student of the game, hugely strategic, and a fan of my favorite boardgame, Risk. Emotions won't hold her back and she could be a competition beast. Her dispassionate, aggressive personality could rub other houseguests the wrong way, but her rumored "secret" could work like Frankie's did last year on BB16, and get her out of sticky situations. After being evicted, she'll be hired to run CINEMABLEND's Facebook page.

3. Liz
There's a good chance Liz will wear the wrong outfit and be evicted in week 1, like Risha from BBCAN. But if she survives, she could end up like Victoria from BB16, as someone so completely useless no one in the house bothers to evict her.

4. Vanessa
Professional poker players never do as well in this game as you'd think, but I like Vanessa's relaxed, confident style. She's smart and in control, and could end up playing a great game. Or she might play too hard and go out in week 3. We'll see.

5. John
John could annoy everyone and be evicted in the first two weeks, but I think the houseguests will find him funny and keep him around to play the court jester. At some point he'll win an endurance comp, scare the house, and they'll try to cut him. So he'll win a couple of vetoes to extend his life in the game long enough to make final 5.

6. Steve
I don't see his plan to play the innocent dweeb working as well as he thinks, and he's probably just Jordan Parhar version 2.0, but it's hard to imagine him not making jury. Expect to see Steve team up with Austin to form the Stonecold Steve Austin Alliance. Steve will completely trust Austin, and Austin will put on his top hat and stab Steve in the back.

7. Da'Vonne
Will recognize Vanessa as a famous poker player and team-up with her in an alliance. At some point an alliance will try to take out Vanessa, and be forced to settle for her partner Da'Vonne, instead.

8. James
Is a lock to end up as an outsider like Donny, and he'll spend the summer hanging out by himself while everyone else plays the game.

9. Shelli
Shelli will try to start an-all girls alliance, but quickly stab her alliance mates in the back while jumping into a showmance with Jace. Jace will keep her safe for a couple of weeks, before he's evicted, and then it's only a matter of time before she's out the door.

10. Jace
Will spend more time on his showmance with Shelli than he does on the game, only to be evicted for being the biggest physical threat remaining now that Clay is out of the way.

11. Meg
Meg will spend her first three weeks in the house as the perfect pawn, but in week four she'll be on the block against someone smart, and end up just another pawn who goes home.

12. Jason
He'll be so annoying that nobody will notice how weird John is. His alliance with Meg won't keep him safe and once Clay the physical threat is gone the house is going to want Jason out of the way.

13. Clay
Clay will win the first HoH in spectacular fashion, painting a huge target on his back, and resulting in a unanimous eviction in week two.

14. Becky
Becky will give pageant answers to every question asked of her, will make no connections with anyone the first night, and will end up being evicted in a day one twist because no one in the house cares if she's there.

Josh has Becky coming in dead last. Kelly disagrees completely. Check out her rankings on the next page...

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