Big Brother's Donny Is Getting His Bold And The Beautiful Appearance, And He's Bringing Friends

Upon being evicted from the Big Brother house during Season 16, the eventual America's Favorite Player Donny Thompson was told he was going to get to appear in an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Well, his big appearance is coming up, and Donny isn't the only Big Brother contestant to appear in the CBS soap. Check out the preview below...

H-HoH! Head Honcho of Halloween. Clever. It's pretty obvious that they're not aiming for subtle cameos here, what with Zach standing there with his pink hat, quick to call Nicole a Froot Loop Dingus, and Caleb dressed up as a martial artist. How long before he drops some judy-chops on those people?

From the sound of it, there will be even more big nods to Big Brother. CBS says Donny will "make multiple costume changes in an homage to the running story of his fellow Houseguests attempting to guess what his real occupation was during the past season of Big Brother." That explains the military gear.

Here's how the Big Brother houseguests will factor into the Bold and Beautiful episodes, according to CBS:

During the episodes, series regulars Scott Clifton (Liam) and Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy) embark on a new romance while attending the annual Halloween party at Bikini Beach. Series regular Lawrence Saint Victor (Carter) and costume clad “Big Brother 16” fan favorite Donny Thompson will also be there to celebrate the holiday.

While I'm sure Big Brother fans will get a kick out of seeing some of the houseguests reunited in the series, I have to imagine that this stunty bit of casting will be kind of disruptive to flow of the soap opera, no? Those B&B fans who don't watch Big Brother might find themselves wondering what's going on. Regardless, it's happening, and it looks like the houseguests are having fun with it. (And I really want Caleb to drop a judy-chop at some point.)

As the preview reveals, in addition to Donny, the Bold and the Beautiful episode -- or episodes, technically, as the special Halloween-themed installments will air October 30 and 31st -- includes appearances by BB16's Amber Borzotra, Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Zach Rance, Caleb Reynolds, Devin Shepard, Hayden Voss. No mention of Big Brother winner Derrick, or some of the other contestants on Season 16. But seeing we were only expecting Donny to appear, there are quite a few bonus appearances happening here. Did we mention that Big Brother fan favs Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel and Elissa will also be dropping by?

The Bold and the Beautiful Halloween episodes will air Thursday, Oct. 30 and Friday, Oct. 31 (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS. After that, we can resume the countdown to Big Brother Season 17!

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