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This article contains Big Brother information that has not yet been revealed in the episodes, including who's nominated, who won the Battle of the Block and who won the Veto. Spoilers ahead!

The live feeds came back with a bang after Thursday night's Part 2 of the Big Brother 17 season premiere. These houseguests came to play, and it is game on in the Big Brother house this year. But before we get to some of the details on what's going on, here's the rundown on what's what:

Heads of Household:

Jackie - nominated by James.
Steve - nominated by James.
Becky - was nominated by Jason, won Battle of the Block.
John - was nominated by Jason, won Battle of the Block.

Veto winner

Veto replacement
TBD, but it's looking like it'll be Jace.

James - is Head of Household.
Becky - won Battle of the Block.
John - won Battle of the Block.
Vanessa - earned safety-reward for the week for sitting out HoH.
Da'Vonne - earned safety-reward for the week for sitting out HoH.
Austin - got safety for the week from Vanessa.
Liz - got safety for the week from Da'Vonne.
Steve - won Veto, will presumably use it on himself.

Just to run through the safety situation, from what's been said around the house since the feeds came on, it sounds like Vanessa and Da'Vonne earned one week of safety for giving up the Head of Household competition. It also sounds like each of them was allowed to share that safety with one player. Either they picked Liz and Austin and then all four of them were made Have Nots, or all four of them were made Have Nots and Vanessa/Da'Vonne gave Liz and Austin safety after. Regardless, all four are have nots and all four are safe from eviction.

As mentioned in the list above, it's looking like there's a good chance Jace will be the replacement nomination. James is telling people (including Audrey, Jason, Jeff, Meg, Shelli and Clay) that he's putting Jace up. There are a lot of alliances and sub-alliances, and I can't even begin to keep up with what's what yet. I'm holding off on seeing whats' real until after the Veto ceremony, as everyone is likely to be eager for that to take place so they know they're not on the block. Once the nominations are set, people may break off into smaller groups.


Audrey is playing this game hard. She's been involved in a lot of conversations, including one call-out marathon session when word got back to her that Da'Vonne said Audrey's involved in every part of the house. It's impressive to see Audrey running around making deals, having 1:1s and group sessions and covering herself from every angle, but I have a very hard time seeing her keep up with this pace without getting caught.

Jace is an obvious target. As gregarious as he seems at times, he's also proven to have a short fuse, and despite Austin's efforts to take him under his tattooed wing, Jace doesn't seem capable of controlling his reactions to things, which could be making it easier for people to distrust him and want to send him out. From what I've seen on the feeds, it's looking like most of the house will be happy to see him go, and they're wary of Austin.
Other things I've seen on the feeds.

It sounds like the Veto competition was the spelling comp, and it sounds like Steve blew his competition away with a big word.

Vanessa got really upset not long after the feeds came on, talking about how much she misses her girlfriend. If this was an act, it was an impressive performance.

People seem to be on to Steve's intelligence. Sounds like he slipped up about Cornell at one point, and his performance in the Veto competition may have given his braininess away even more. Not sure they're eying him as a major threat just yet, but I think some houseguests would like to avoid him getting too close to the end.

Da'Vonne seems to be trying to play a similar game as Audrey and I'm not sure she's doing it quite as well, which could be a problem. Unless Audrey's game implodes, which is always a possibility.

From a conversation between Vanessa and Austin this morning, it seems like they both know Jace is going to be nominated, and they're preparing to act like they didn't know it was coming but are willing to work with the house. I would love to see these two team up for a serious alliance, if they can manage to survive the next couple of evictions. The Jastin alliance seemed like it could be very entertaining, but if it turns out to be a quickly sinking ship, Team Vanesstin all the way.

It sounds like the Houseguests are preparing for Jace to be the first eviction, assuming he's put up to replace Steve. Of course, anything can happen between now and then, so we'll have to wait and see what transpires after the nomination ceremony. In the meantime, it'll be interesting to see more of what happened before the feeds came on, during tonight's episode. And get some diary room insights from the houseguests.

Big Brother airs Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

UPDATE: The Veto ceremony has taken place. Get the spoilery details next...
As expected, Steve used the Veto to take himself off the block. Also as expected, James put Jace on the block. It seems like the house is prepared to send him out the door, but there's a lot of time between now and Thursday, and it's entirely possible that people will change their tunes about who they want gone now that the Veto is out of play for the week. We'll keep you posted on any major events between now and Thursday!

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