Big Brother 17 Watch: The Latest Eviction And A Race For Head Of Household

Spoilers from Thursday night's episode of Big Brother ahead!

And thus ends what might have been the the least interesting week of Big Brother, game-wise anyway. Neither Steve nor Becky managed to shift things around before or after the Veto competition, and since Austwins decided Becky would go last Friday, nothing ever really changed. Tonight's episode saw Becky evicted unanimously, and no new Head of Household crowned yet, as Big Brother introduced a new and very intriguing competition, which will play out on the live feeds (opens in new tab).

But before we get to that, tonight's episode featured a very charming segment about Steve, focusing on his mother and his very proud hometown of Gouverneur, New York. Meanwhile, we saw Jackie arrive at the jury house, presumably not long after Shelli got there. Both blame Vanessa for Jackie's eviction, even though it was Steve who made it happen. It seems early for them to be showing jury footage, but with the returning houseguests (and the relatively uneventful week), it's not that surprising. Nor would I complain, as I wish they'd show us more of what's going on there.

Inside the Big Brother house, everyone's blaming Vanessa for everything. And granted, she walked right into that, gaming left and right, even when it might have served her better to lay low. With that said, it's amusing to me to see Austin and the twins complaining about Vanessa needing to be a part of everything. I don't think there's a houseguest left in the house that isn't allied with them. They really are poised to go far at this point. They're an alliance of three, two of them twins, two a showmance, and everyone seems to think it's better to keep them around than to break them up right now. Do these houseguests not realize it's going to be more and more difficult to get them out with each passing week? Maybe someone will this week. Or maybe they'll actually move forward on targeting Vanessa.

What's working best with Austwins' game is that right now, no one seems to realize they're not the only people allied with them, and they're not really talking to each other enough to figure out what's happening. Steve and Johnny Mac did contemplate the possibility that Austwins might have a Final 5 deal with James and Meg (they do), but neither seemed convinced. Either that, or they don't trust each other enough to talk that openly about the possibility. They're probably closer with each other than they are with anyone else, but both tend to be guarded with what they say.

If Becky had seen how well positioned Austwins are, she might have tried uniting the house against that trio. It did her no good to agree with everyone that Vanessa needs to go. Everyone saying that just makes everyone else less likely to want to try to get Vanessa out. Had Becky taken a page out of Vanessa's playbook from last week (campaign against the HoH instead of campaigning against the other nominee), it's possible she would've been able to turn things around on herself. That's just speculation though. Since no one's talking about Austwins as an immediate threat to their game, it's impossible to know if anyone would've gone for that anyway. Becky was evicted 6-0, and she's off to jury, where she'll sit with Jackie and Shelli and await her chance to return next week.

The Head of Household competition is a sprinting competition, which has the houseguests waiting at the starting line for the word "Go" to appear, after which they have to race to their button. Last to hit it is eliminated. The tricky part of this competition is that they're crouched at the start for up to half an hour for each round, just waiting for that "Go." It's a pretty genius concept, as it leaves the racers awkwardly crouched and forced to wait and focus so they don't miss the "Go" when it finally happens.

We'll get into spoilers from the HoH competition on the next page...


Feeds have been on Jeff clips for the most part, but they've come back on to give us some results and tease a race or two. So far, here's who's OUT:




Johnny Mac


It came down to Austin and James. Austin won.


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