Big Brother Brazil Contestant Accused Of Sexual Assault On Show

When you put a bunch of adults into a house, cut them off from the outside world, build a competition around them, and film them 24/7, stuff is going to happen. Unfortunately, in the case of the Brazilian version of the reality TV show Big Brother, that stuff may have included sexual assault.

This wouldn’t be the first time in the history of Big Brother that bad things happened following too much alcohol. In the second season of the U.S. edition, a contestant was removed from the house following an incident that involved him holding a knife to the throat of a female contestant. Fortunately, in that case, no one was hurt. The same may not be the case in the situation that occurred recently in the Brazilian edition of Big Brother.

According to the Associated Press, Rio police are investigating allegations of sexual assault in the Big Brother house. Contestant Daniel Echaniz, a 31-year-old male model, has been ejected from the property over suspicions of “gravely inadequate” behavior, and by that, they mean having sex with a fellow contestant while she may have been unconscious due to too much alcohol.

Video of the incident, which aired on a pay-per-view version of the show and apparently involves grainy footage of under-the-covers movement that suggests the female was not a willing and active participant in the encounter, is said to be circulating around Brazilian websites. According to what AP is reporting, the reaction to this in Brazil varies between people applauding Echaniz’ removal from the show for his actions, and people who want him to be allowed back into the house. Some believe the situation involves racism, as Echaniz’s is of mixed race, while the woman in question is white.

?The situation will hopefully be sorted out following an investigation one way or the other. Meanwhile, it’ll be interesting to see if this incident affects Big Brother in other countries, including the U.S.. It’s my understanding based on more exposure to the CBS airing series and live feed reports than I care to admit, that alcohol is occasionally distributed to the contestants, however quantities are said to be limited, which is likely an effort to avoid things getting out of control. But perhaps after this incident, alcohol will be limited even more or all together removed from the house.

Kelly West
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