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Later this week, Big Brother will return for the reality competition series' fourteenth season, and with it comes the return of Big Brother After Dark, Showtime's late night live feed coverage, which gives viewers a live look into the Big Brother house each evening. Showtime released a video promoting Big Brother After Dark Season 7, which includes a peek at the BB house.

Unlike other reality series, which are usually taped well ahead of when they actually air, Big Brother is a competition that is playing out while the episodes air each week. Viewers have the opportunity to subscribe to the live feeds, which allow them to check in online to see what's going on in the BB house at all hours (except during competitions and whenever the producers cut the feeds for whatever the reason). Big Brother After Dark is Showtime's limited window into the live feeds, airing each night after midnight.

Most of what's shown in the promo video for this season's BB After Dark is flashback footage from previous Big Brother seasons (and the late night shenanigans that have taken place during After Dark), but it looks like Julie Chen is seated outside the front door of the new house.

It looks like sort of a zen-like front porch, though if I'm remembering correctly, it's always sort of green and planty out there.

The program information in the video's a little confusing. It says "New Episodes Thursdays 12AM ET/PT beginning July 12." Usually BBAD is a daily show and airs on Sho2. According to Showtime's website, that still appears to be the case, despite what the video says:
BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK gives viewers a look inside the BIG BROTHER house after the network prime-time cameras have been turned off. For three hours (12:00-3:00 AM ET/PT) seven days a week, BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK features a live, uncut and uncensored television feed from the Big Brother house, where nothing is sacred and anything goes. They might forget that the cameras are there, but you certainly never will. Hosted by Julie Chen.

The site does note that the season premiere of BBAD is July 13 at 1:00 a.m., so perhaps the time will vary?

You can get a better look at the house and contestants here and a big hint about the twist here. Big Brother Season 14 premieres Thursday, July 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.

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