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Today on The Talk, Big Brother host Julie Chen teased the most "twisted season" ever as she announced a number of big twists to the format of the game, including the fact that there will be two Heads of Household and four nominees each week. There will also be a a "Battle of the Block" competition that somehow puts the Heads of Household in danger of eviction.

Big Brother is known to tweak the format of the game. If the rules were to stay the same each season, the format might start to get stale. With that said, some twists are better than others. Last season's MVP twist made for some interesting developments within the house, but it didn't work so well with one houseguest having a substantial advantage over the others when it came to winning the viewer-voted privilege. How will this two-HoH twist work out? We'll find out.

According to what Julie Chen said on today's The Talk, "This year, not one, but two houseguests will win Head of Household every week. Each HoH will have the responsibility of nominating 2 fellow houseguests for eviction." That means that there will be four nominees on the block each week. That's one more than last season's three nominees, which was a twist on the previously set two-nominee system that dates back to the series' first season. I'm always apprehensive about these twists, but I actually don't hate the idea of more nominees, which might make for a less predictable eviction night. This twist really does change up the numbers in what is most definitely a numbers game here. So we'll have to wait and see exactly how this 2-HoH system works.

Julie also said that being HoH doesn't guarantee safety each week, as there's a Battle of the Block competition that factors in there. She didn't go into details on that. She did say that "Team America" will be involved in an interactive twist. So viewers will have the opportunity to vote on something related to the game, from the sound of it.

This update follows our first official glimpse at the "Urban Treehouse" theme of the house. View the photos for that here. And watch Julie Chen give a tour of the house here:

With some idea of the major twists to the game this season, we're left to wonder who is going to be competing this season on Big Brother. Will we be looking out a house full of strangers? Will there be one or more returning houseguest? Family and friends of past houseguests? What's the deal? With Big Brother Season 16 set to debut next week, it's likely that we'll get at least some information about this season's crop of houseguests soon.

Big Brother premieres with a two-night event next Wednesday (June 25). You can sign up for the live feeds over at here.

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