Big Brother Twist: Double Eviction Will Send Two Houseguests To Jury Sequester This Week

The houseguests are in for a whopper of a surprise during the Big Brother live episode this Thursday night when they learn that they're in for a double-eviction. But that's not the only big news set to be revealed. They're also going to find out that this year's jury will consist of nine people, which means the two people evicted from the house tomorrow night will go straight to jury sequester, rather than being sent home. That's actually a big deal for more reasons than one.

The houseguests are currently under the impression that there will be seven houseguests in the jury, which if you do the math, means there would be two more evictions before contestants are sent to the jury house rather than being released into the wild, as has been the case for all of the previously evicted houseguests. Sequestered jurors are kept cut off from the outside world so they can't see what's going on inside the house. They don't get to watch the episodes or the feeds, and they don't get to talk to the press beyond a few controlled interviews. Jurors return for the finale and get to vote to decide which of the final two houseguests is the winner. EW confirms that this season, instead of seven jurors, there will be nine, which means the next two evicted houseguests will be sent to the jury.

Here's where things get interesting. Since the houseguests won't know this news until Thursday night when they're told during the live double eviction, none of the houseguests will have had any opportunity to work on these two jury votes. There are two evictions happening tomorrow night and none of the other houseguests will have had time to butter either of them up on the way out the door. Working for jury votes is part of the game. A big part, in fact, as some houseguests tend to play a bit more cautiously once the evictees start getting sent to sequester. And they also tend to phrase their goodbye messages a bit more politely. So really, this surprising piece of news will be was big a deal to the remaining houseguests as it will be to the two sent out the door.

For those unfamiliar with how the double eviction works, the first eviction happens as it usually does. The houseguests vote and someone's sent packing. Then there's a fast Head of Household competition, the Head of Household has a few minutes to deliberate before making nominations, and then there's the Veto. (I'm assuming there's no MVP nominee this week, unless America's called upon to vote tonight, which could very well happen during tonight's episode.) The Veto ceremony happens, and then the next live vote. The episode will probably close with the second eviction. I think they do the next HoH later on. Either way, it's an episode jam-packed with tension, especially when the houseguests learn they could be leaving that night, with no chance to campaign for votes.

Live Feed Spoilers Ahead - Read no further if you don't want to know who won Veto, whether or not it was used and who was this week's MVP nominee!

As far as I can tell, it's looking like Candice will go first tomorrow night. Granted, that could change between today and tomorrow. Amanda is the MVP nominee again, and while she's in some people's sights (Jessie wouldn't mind seeing her go), the general consensus for Amanda's eviction is "not yet." Jessie won the Veto and took herself off. Spencer was the replacement nominee. And as I said, it's looking like Candice will go, which is what GinaMarie wants, and Candice doesn't seem to have enough close allies to keep her safe. Anything can happen between today and tomorrow though. With the numbers dwindling, it only takes a few votes to send someone packing. A last minute switch from one or two key players could be Amanda or Spencer's undoing.

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