The Biggest Loser Season 12 Contestants: The Battle Of The Ages

Season 12 of The Biggest Loser kicks off next month with a new crop of weight-losing hopefuls and two new trainers. Joining the trainer line-up this year are tennis player Anna Kournikova and fitness expert Dolvett Quince. Viewers can also expect an age-related twist to this season. More on that and details on the contestants ahead!

Once again, the series will see people from various backgrounds as they compete to lose weight and win the grand prize of $250,000. This season of The Biggest Loser will split the contestants by age brackets. According to NBC’s release, the “Battle of the Ages” twist will put the over-50’s on one team, the under-30’s on another, and those ages 30-49 in their own team, however if you look below at the contestants (which I’ve broken up by age bracket), the middle group is really 39-49, with no contestants falling between the ages of 30 and 38.

The contestants will have the opportunity to pick their trainer after completing their first challenge. With Kournikova and Quince being new to the show, and thus, virtual unknowns in terms of how they’ll be handling their responsibilities, it’ll be interesting to see which team opts to go with returning trainer Bob Harper and which ones take a chance on the newbies.

Here are the contestants for Season 12.

JOHN “JOHNNY” FORGER (Realty company owner), 65, Canton, Massachusetts

BONNIE GRIFFIN (Retired payroll supervisor), 63, Picayune, Mississippi

MIKE DANLEY (High school teacher/football coach), 62, Spencerville, Indiana

DEBORAH “DEBBIE” LOUNDS (Sr. administrative assistant), 60, Ann Arbor, Michigan

REBECCA “BECKY” COMET (Math teacher), 51, Benton, Arkansas


(Home health therapist), 46, Knoxville, Tennessee

ANTONE DAVIS (Restaurant manager and former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons from 1991-97), 44, Knoxville, Tennessee

SUNNY SINCLAIR (Fifth grade teacher), 41, Frisco, Texas

JOHN RHODE (Special education teacher/football coach), 40, Mesa, Arizona

JENNIFER RUMPLE (Television producer), 39, Alameda, California


(Songwriter/entertainer), 27, Nashville, Tennessee

RAMON MEDEIROS (Tattoo artist), 27, Florence, Colorado

JESSICA LIMPERT (Travel nurse), 26, San Francisco, California

PATRICK FERRARI (Mental health adult foster care worker), 26, Albany, Oregon

COURTNEY RAINVILLE (Internet marketing specialist), 24, Scottsdale, Arizona

The Biggest Loser Season 12 premieres TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 , 8-10 P.M.ET on NBC.
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