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The Bizarre Way Donal Logue Dealt With Terriers Getting Canceled

Donal Logue is crushing as Detective Harvey Bullock on Gotham, but despite the actor’s success on the new TV series, people still aren’t over the fact that his crime dramedy, Terriers, was canceled by FX after one short season. Logue totally understands these fans, however. He recently spoke out to say he had a bizarre way of coping with the cancellation back in 2010, moving to Oregon to go back to trucking school. Because why not?

"I figured my ticket had been punched. I said fuck it and got my truck-driving license for 18-wheelers.”

No kidding. The actor recently told Rolling Stone that he still has his license and maintains a trucking company called Aisling Trucking, LLC. While big rigs are apparently still a passion project, we’re all lucky the acting bug pulled him back in.

Following the cancelation of Terriers, Logue took some small TV roles in 2011 and 2012, before landing a pretty big gig on Copper in 2013. He followed those roles with lengthy stints on Sons of Anarchy, Vikings and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, before heading to Fox, where he appears as the boisterous and complex Harvey Bullock each week.

The man has clearly made a name for himself on television, but it’s no wonder that the Terriers cancelation still bothers him. The man recently sat down at New York Comic-Con to talk about Gotham and was immediately bombarded with a question about Terriers. Its small fan base clearly still remembers the show, which followed two unlicensed private detectives as they solved cases each week. Both men are deeply flawed, and very memorable, including Logue’s character, Hank, an ex-cop with an alcohol issue.

Due to all this love, rumors have abounded that a movie might even get made based on FX's series. Those involved with the original show seem to be on board to produce a movie, but so far the idea hasn’t moved forward. In actuality, it's an ideal candidate to be crowd-funded. There's almost no way a studio would ever shell out the amount of money needed to do it the right way, but it is certainly possible 500,000 fans would chip in $10 bucks in exchange for a future copy of the movie. That would be a pretty sweet deal for everyone involved, too. For the time being though, that's just a far-fetched hope.

On the bright side for Logue, Gotham is doing well in the ratings, and doesn’t seem like it will suffer the same fate as the underwatched Terriers. Even if it does, at least the man always has 18-wheelers to fall back on.

Jessica Rawden

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