Black Donnellys Episode Too Intense For Network TV will be releasing a special web-only episode of their new show ‘The Black Donnellys.’ The show premiered on NBC following ‘Heroes’ on Monday night last week. The pilot episode of the new series introduced us to the Donnellys, a group of Irish-American brothers who, through a series of relatively poor choices, managed to take over the local organized crime circuit.

Apparently there was some content that was filmed and later deemed too edgy for network television. Instead of leaving the footage on the cutting room floor, NBC has decided to air it on their website as a self contained episode. The episode, which contains “intense footage” will not affect the overall plot of the show, so viewers who don’t get the chance to check it out wont miss out on anything relevant to what’s going on in the actual series. Given the nature of the show based on the pilot, this bonus episode will probably be extra violent.

The web episode will be available for a limited time, on NBC’s ‘Black Donellys’ website starting tonight (Monday 3/5) following the broadcast of the second episode of the series, which is set to air on NBC at 10:00 pm EST.

UPDATE - The episode is now available for viewing online here. It will only be available for a limited time.

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