Bob's Burgers Has Some Amazing Guest Stars Lined Up For Season 6

In the five years that it has been on the air, Bob’s Burgers has featured a number of very awesome guest stars – from Jon Hamm, to Zach Galifianakis, to Patton Oswalt – and the next season will be no different. In fact, the show has some truly fantastic names lined up for Season 6, and many of them were just announced at San Diego Comic-Con this afternoon.

This afternoon, the likes of show creator Loren Bouchard, H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), Jon Waters (Linda), Dan Mintz (Tina), Kristen Schaal (Louise), Eugene Merman (Gene), Larry Muphy (Teddy), and developer/producer Jim Dautrieve all joined together on a Bob’s Burgers panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and it was while answering fan questions that the group announced some amazing guest voices who will be featured in upcoming episodes of the show. So who are these fantastic people? Read on to find out!


Though he was actually the last name to be revealed, Paul Rudd was arguably the most exciting name revealed during the panel – partially because his character was the only one that was identified with a bit of context. According to Loren Bouchard, an upcoming episode will feature Tina getting the chance to ride a horse for the first time, and the revelation that she has an imaginary horse friend in her name Jericho. It’s this imaginary horse friend who will be voiced by Rudd.


Henry Winkler is certainly no stranger to television, thanks to a resume that is highlighted with titles like Happy Days, Arrested Development, and Children’s Hospital, but he will expand his tenure on the small screen by voicing a character on the sixth season of Bob’s Burgers. We don’t know what role he will be playing just yet, but the good news is that he’s voice is so identifiable that we should be able to figure out who he is the second his character opens his mouth.


When it comes to voice-over roles, Steve Buscemi is no novice either, having had notable roles in movies like Monsters Inc. and Monster House, and he will have the chance to lend his pipes to another character when he plays a character on Bob’s Burgers. Again, we don’t know exactly who he will be playing, or when he will be showing up during the season, but we anticipate that we will be able to recognize him immediately.


We haven’t heard Wanda Sykes doing a voice-over role since playing a school therapist on a 2013 episode of The Simpsons, but later this year she will be jumping over to a different animated series on Fox. Given that she is exactly the kind of actor that Bob’s Burgers loves to feature, it’s surprising that her cameo this season will only be her first time on the show, but we hope that she winds up being a welcome addition for her episode, and possibly a regular.


This one is a bit more iffy, as it was hard to make out over the sound of the crowd applauding the list of names being announced, but unless I’m mistaken, we can expect at least three members of the series Flight of the Conchords to appear on this season of Bob’s Burgers - specifically the great Jermaine Clement, Bret McKenzie, and Rhys Darby. It would make sense that they appear on the show, if not only because both Kristen Schall and Eugene Merman had regular roles on their shortlived HBO series, not to mention the fact that their musical stylings match up perfectly with the animated show.

These are the big new names that were mentioned during the Bob’s Burgers San Diego Comic-Con panel, but they surely won’t be the only actors who pop up in the upcoming Season 6. So stay tuned, and listen closely!

Eric Eisenberg
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