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Amazon Prime has already made a mark in the TV game by putting together originals including Transparent and the recent Man in the High Castle (not to mention making available a pretty nice library of other content for users). However, the company is always searching for ways to improve its service, and new reports indicate the company has a clever idea to help out its legions of users. In the future, Amazon Prime hopes to work out a deal that would allow users to punch in their passwords for various other streaming sites. If it works out, all of the shows from multiple streaming services then could be accessed directly on Amazon Prime.

Think of it like one giant library that contains every single thing you have access to stream, all located in one convenient space. No more logging in and logging out when you change services and no wondering whether one of the other places you subscribe has a particular movie or TV show. You’ll be able to find all that information with just one search, rather than hopping from Prime to Hulu to Amazon like you might with a Smart TV.

Of course, all of this is contingent on the other companies involved agreeing to let Amazon import all of the movies. It wouldn’t, in theory, cost them any actual money, but some, especially Netflix, may not be excited about Amazon being the one to actually house all that content. While Netflix would still be getting the actual money for the subscriptions, that company and others may not be too keen about essentially helping Amazon out with a nifty feature that would make things more convenient and make Prime a potentially more viable service. Theoretically this would also be helpful for Fire TV users.

It’s not the only idea Amazon Prime reportedly has in the works. Bloomberg reports that Amazon Prime would also like to create bundles for TV and movie content that users can then subscribe to. However, none of this has been confirmed by Amazon Prime, although the report indicates we may be hearing more about the features before the holidays.

If it works properly and is cheap enough, Amazon Prime’s new idea could change the game for Amazon Prime users. In fact, it’s a feature that would be workable for a lot of people who stream, and might even entice those who don’t currently pay the $99 yearly fee for the service. We’ll let you know if and when this option becomes viable.

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