All Of Sex And The City Is Now Available On Amazon Prime

Fans of online video streaming will discover that Amazon Prime recently upped the ante with a move that has made the service a whole lot sexier. Amazon Prime has released all six seasons of the phenomenally popular HBO series Sex and the City to be streamed free of any extra charge to all subscribers.

Amazon has edged out competitor Netflix in certain circles by virtue of gaining the rights to many popular HBO series that many missed out on due to a lack of subscription to the premium cable network. The Sopranos, True Blood, and The Wire were already big draws; Sex and the City may bring in a whole new demographic for Amazon Prime.

Sex and the City was revolutionary when it aired on HBO from 1998 – 2004. Freeing four New York women from the stigmas of exploring their sexuality that pervade in other branches of mainstream media, the raunchy humor coupled with the storylines of love between friends and the men in their lives gave the show a heart beneath all of the… well, sex in the city.

Starring Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie, Kim Cattrall as Samantha, Kristin Davis as Charlotte, and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda, the show is particularly remarkable for filming sex scenes from within the female point of view. Love scenes in most series tend to display the woman far more than the man based on the idea that women are more likely to sit through an objectification of their own sex than men are to sit through theirs. The series was unabashed in its portrayal of female sexuality, and the openness showed in the not infrequent love scenes. Sex and the City is well worth watching and commending for its handling of female sexuality.

Also, it’s super addictive.

That the show came to an end on HBO in 2004 certainly doesn’t mean that Amazon will be without eager viewers preparing for a binge-watching session. The show spawned two movies released in 2008 and 2010 respectively, and it’s not difficult to play six degrees of Sex and the City separation online. Between quizzes about which of the Sex women you are, debates about the merits of Team Aiden vs. Team Big, and lists galore examining the series, the franchise is still going strong.

Sadly for completists, neither Sex and the City: The Movie nor Sex and the City 2 film have been made available for Prime streaming; nevertheless, there are 94 episodes of the HBO series to introduce new viewers and whet the appetites of fans who have gone too long without the exploits of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda.

Laura Hurley
Senior Content Producer

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