Thanksgiving is drawing to a close, and Christmas is right around the corner. You will be dealing with an influx of family members coming and going through your doors, bringing presents and looking for food. And when the dust settles, everyone’s going to crash on your couch, snack on your food, and stream some of your entertainment. Well, you are in luck. Amazon Prime is refreshing its streaming options for December, and adding a few gems to the lineup. Here rae five movies you can stream, as an Amazon Prime member, in December (as well as the dates that they will be made available). What are you going to watch tonight?

Selfishly, I’m glad I can stream Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi adventure Interstellar over and over now because I’m not entirely sure I understood everything that happened. Especially at the end. With his daughter. And the book case. And Matt Damon’s astronaut. And his much older daughter. Yeah, I’m still very lost. Time to stream!

Available: 12/12/15

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