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Every year CBS celebrates with a special that time-honored tradition without which no day of excellent football would be complete: the Super Bowl commercial. This year longtime host of the annual special Jim Nantz is out the door, along with his co-host off two years Lara Spencer, and they’ve been replaced with Boomer Esiason, an NFL analyst, and his co-host Jillian Michaels.

Yes, the former Biggest Loser star and one of the world’s best known personal trainers will be co-hosting the Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials special according to Deadline. The move must leave more than a few people as confused as I am, being as Ms. Michaels has, as far as I know, nothing to do with football. Although she might be able to take a quarterback or two, have you seen her arms? Of course, Lara Spencer had nothing to do with football either, but at least had plenty of television hosting experience.

At any rate, the annual rundown of the best commercials aired during football’s biggest game will, under its new hosts, add a new dimension to the sales pitch fun. This year they will count down the top ten Super Bowl commercial brands in addition to the best individual commercials. The special is set to air on February 1st and give you the opportunity to literally watch non-stop commercials, which is precisely what most people DVR shows to avoid. I’ll admit however, that there have been some pretty funny commercials air during the Super Bowl over the years. The voting for which of those spots will make the special is open now – you can cast your vote here. E*Trade, Coke, Bud Light and Doritos are among the contenders.