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Boss Season 2 Trailer: Who's Threatening Mayor Tom Kane?

Starz' compelling drama series Boss will return later this summer for its second season at the pay-cable network, and with it comes the return of Kelsey Grammer as the intimidating Chicago mayor Tom Kane. Starz released a new trailer for the series, which clues us into what's going on in Kane's life, both in public and behind closed doors.

Grammer earned himself a Golden Globe for his starring role in Boss, and if you saw the first season, it's likely you'll agree that it was much deserved. There's a strange blend of power and vulnerability in the role of Kane that Grammer managed to capture perfectly as a corrupt and determined mayor who's secretly dealing with a degenerative brain disorder that makes him mentally (and somewhat physically) unstable.

The trailer for Season 2, which Starz just released today, suggests that his health situation is getting worse, though it doesn't seem to be slowing him down in running the city

It's strange, to hear the phrase "Greatness is something we cannot wait for. It's something we achieve," from the character one minute and then later hearing "The only thing that's believable about you is that you have the unmitigated stupidity to threaten the mayor of Chicago." Though it does demonstrate nicely the two different sides to the character, with him using words to inspire and motivate people one minute, and the later smiling while calling someone stupid for daring to threaten him. That calls to question, who's threatening Tom Kane?

Kane's sickness adds its own layer of suspense and intensity, with the sense that his own brain is a ticking time-bomb.

Boss returns for Season 2 August 17 on Starz.