Predicting the Emmy Awards isn't always an easy task, but it's certainly fun to speculate over the nominees, which is what we did for the Outstanding Drama Series category. Arguments can really be made for or against all of the nominees in the category. There are six nominated dramas, and as it happens, some of us here at Cinema Blend were able to come up with solid arguments as to why some of these dramas deserve to win this year. And then there are the dramas that might not be so deserving, either for the win or even the nomination.

We'll start with the shows we think deserve to win, in no particular order…

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad - Deserves to win.
We might try to put aside the fact that Breaking Bad has been nominated three times previously and has yet to actually win the award, a feat fellow AMC drama Mad Men has accomplished four times already (twice against Breaking Bad). But it seems impossible not to first ask, "How is it possible that Breaking Bad, arguably one of the best dramas to exist in the last decade, has not won an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series yet?" With that said, being due is not reason enough to earn the award, unfortunately. So let's instead look at why Breaking Bad deserves to win Outstanding Drama Series for last year's run.

Breaking Bad has proven to be one of the better paced series out there, somehow managing to steadily escalate in suspense and drama without going overboard or as they say, "jumping the shark." We could go on at length as to how, but focusing specifically on the first half of Season 5, "Dead Freight" alone should be reason enough to reward the series for its greatness in the Drama category. Looking at Season 5A as a whole, the story took us into a post-Gus era for Walter White, who reached the top of the "empire" mountain only to find himself slipping down the other side in what could be the start of a fretful descent for a man who set out to make money and developing a taste for power in the process. Attempts to move forward and branch out with his meth-making business by taking it global came at an expense Walt and Jesse may not have been prepared to pay, leaving their relationship fractured -- possibly beyond repair -- as the season came to its mid-point. If we were to to factor in Season 5B, there are even more arguments to be made for why Breaking Bad is Emmy-worthy as a series, citing "Ozymandias" in particular as an example of truly "Outstanding" television, but that's for next year's Emmys to consider. In the meantime, on quality, Breaking Bad tops every other drama in its category this year, which is reason enough to give it the prize.

House of Cards
House of Cards - Deserves to win.
There are some forward-thinking observers out there who want House Of Cards to win Best Drama in order to become a symbol for the entire industry as to how much viewing habits have changed. No doubt, a victory for the Netflix-funded program dropped in one giant chunk would shake up the status quo a bit, but in all honesty, that’s not what the Emmys should be about. They should be about rewarding the best show, regardless of format or potential message. Luckily for House Of Cards, however, the David Fincher project was actually the best thing television had to offer last season.

Following the manipulative and sometimes even vicious US Representative Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his non-profit mogul wife Claire (Robin Wright), House Of Cards spins a web more morally complex and intriguing than anything we’ve seen on the small screen for years. It’s format, with Frank direct addressing the camera on occasion, takes a few episodes to get used to, but its crisp writing and multi-layered stories are obvious from the first moment forward. Nothing is simple in Washington DC, and while the politicians might claim a higher moral ground, it takes a relentless intensity and willingness to take the low road to get things done. House Of Cards might not have a timeslot or even a network, but the way it makes viewers feel during its best moments is a legacy it shares with the best programs in TV history.

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