Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 13: A Look At To'hajiilee

While some of the previously released teasers for the recent episodes of Breaking Bad have featured different character voices behind various suspenseful looking moments, the promo for next week's "To'hajiilee" uses only one voice, and that's Walter White's. Given how last night's episode left off, we're all likely waiting on the edges of our seats to learn confirmation of what plan he set in motion and whether or not he's really prepared to carry it out.

It seems like the obvious conclusion to draw from Walt's brief phone conversation with Todd is that he's asking him to use his familial criminal ties to take Jesse out. Of course, we didn't actually hear the full conversation, so there may be something else going on here, but given the conversation Walt had with Skyler early in the episode, we know that this scenario has been weighing on Walt's mind. Is killing Jesse just one more line to cross? We've seen Walt constantly taking his villainous status a step further. Killing Jesse seems like it would be the ultimate line, and I'm thinking he realizes that. But if his primary priority is to protect himself and his family, that may be the decision he's prepared to make, considering it sounded like Jesse was threatening both in that phone call. And after soaking his house in gasoline, Walt knows Jesse's probably capable of just about anything.

Walt's gotten a taste of control and it's unlikely he's willing to give that up. The promo for "To'hajiilee" shows Walt staring through a window, looking around when he's walking and talking about not knowing "where he is," all of which leads me to think that right now, all he wants to do is get control of the Jesse situation one way or the other so he can stop looking over his shoulder. How long before he figures out that Jesse's crashing at the Schraders' purple paradise? That's assuming Jesse's still staying with them, but given how last night's episode ended, with Jesse assuring Hank he has a better way to take Walt down, it seems like maybe they're planning on working together. That is, unless Jesse's plan involves bringing any kind of harm to Walt's family. I want to believe that Hank would draw the line there. His interest is in getting Walt arrested and convicted for his crimes, not straight-up revenge. But Jesse knows that, so if he's plotting some payback, he may be looking to part ways with Hank. Or maybe he needs to use Hank and the DEA in whatever he has in mind. And given that Hank was willing to dangle Jesse in front of Walt as bait, it's hard to frown on the idea that Jesse might be setting up Hank or the DEA with his own plans.

Beyond Walt's plans for Jesse, which may or may not play a bit role in "To'hajiilee," the episode's title references the Navajor reservation where Walt and Jesse did their first cook, and where Walt hid the money. I'm wondering if Jesse will figure out where the money is. We know he's not in this for the money anymore, but maybe all that cash is the physical evidence Hank will need to take Walt down, and it would rob the Whites of their nest egg, which is kind of what all of this was supposed to be about for Walt from the beginning.

All we can do is speculate now, but with four episodes left, no one is safe. "Remember, no fear."

Breaking Bad airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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