Britain Is Getting A Reality Show About Strangers Having Sex In Vans

Britain’s reality TV circuit may have just hit a new low. This week, a UK porn star known as the UK MILF, aka Rebecca More, embarked on a trip across Britain. It’s not the trip that is particularly sordid or kinky, but the reality show Ms. More plans to film during her days on the road. The show doesn’t have a title yet, but More calls it her “Sex Tour of England.” That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, she is filming sex with strangers in a van whilst on the road in order to create what she feels is the ultimate reality competition series.

The tour began last Friday and will run through the end of October. More plans to stop in Leeds, Southhampton, London and several other locations. According to The Daily Beast, the new reality show concept has brought a lot of attention. Around 2,000 people signed on to try to “Do Rebecca” when she headed to Birmingham for her first stop.

The stunt has blown up via the hashtag #DoRebecca on Twitter. Anyone can apply, but only a few get to actually spend time in the van with the porn star. The episodes will then air on the Television X site. While the show has earned plenty of attention thus far, it hasn’t all been positive attention. Some local politicians have been outspoken regarding plans for the van to come into their town. But plenty of dudes have already lined up to join Rebecca on her XXX-rated tour.

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The U.S. hasn’t shied away from wacky premises like the “Sex Tour of England.” Here in the States, we have shows like Dating Naked on VH1, where random people strip down and go on dates in the nude to see if they can find a love match. (Apparently, this has worked, as one Dating Naked couple even got hitched.) However, if you think having sex with strangers in vans is crossing a line, you’ll be pleased to learn that More’s new reality competition series will air on Television X, a popular adult entertainment channel who also has a porn parody called Down On Abbey that’s not quite as clever as Bob’s Boners or Porks and Recreation.

More’s tour does seem like a new reality low, but I think it helps to think of it as more of a porn endeavor rather than an actual TV series that is readily available to anyone with a remote. At least, it helps a little.

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