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Early next month CBS is set to premiere a 13-episode murder mystery that will run from April to July. That’s good news because once all of our shows start wrapping up for the season, we’ll need something else to keep us on the edge of our seats and based on these promos we have to share with you, Harper’s Island looks like it could be just the ticket.

Set to air on Thursday, April 9th CBS will premiere the first episode of Harper’s Island, a murder mystery about a group of friends and family who travel to a secluded island for an intimate destination wedding. Little do they know, there’s a murderer among their midst. In each episode, someone will be killed, leaving the survivors to run for their lives and try to figure out who’s doing the killing. The mystery will be solved by the end of the 13th episode, which airs on July 2nd.

he series is Executive Produced by Jon Turteltaub and Jeffrey Bell, and stars Elaine Cassidy (The Others) as “Abby Mills,” Katie Cassidy (Supernatural) as “Trish Wellington” and Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty) as “Henry Dunn.” Videos and photos below:

Harper’s Island premieres on Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on CBS.