Although it’s amazing that Unforgettable actually managed to get a reprieve from cancellation, not everyone from the show is coming back from the dead. Although three of the main cast members have signed on to continue, it looks like just about everyone else is back to looking for a new job.

Deadline says that pretty much the entire supporting cast of the drama is out the door as the producers start planning for the miraculous unexpected second season. On board to return to the show in the fall are stars Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh, and Jane Curtain, all of whom were instrumental in getting the second season in the first place. CBS would not likely have renewed the series if they hadn’t been able to lock down those three.

So who is on the way out? Kevin Rankin, Michael Gaston, and Britt Lower are all done with the series, and pretty much the entire supporting cast will be replaced. The apparent reason is a “new creative direction” for the series, which if you ask me can be translated as the need to do something drastic in the face of a cancellation that was overturned against the odds. After all, getting a reprieve and then losing it by not making it to season 3 would have to be bittersweet.

With the news that most of the supporting cast isn’t returning, we can now wait on the casting news regarding who will be coming in to take their places, which could say a lot about the show’s new direction for next season.

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