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Summer scheduling on network television is usually a little funky. While there is room for some original content, it’s also generally a time for episode burn-off of already cancelled shows and lots and lots of reruns. Surprisingly, however, on Friday CBS announced its original documentary series Brooklyn DA wasn’t working in its Tuesday timeslot and will air on Saturdays moving forward. This will allow Person of Interest to actually move into its new timeslot, as well.

Brooklyn DA is actually a really apt title for the docudrama, which follows the lives of several men and women working for the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. The show has already aired three episodes on Tuesday nights and will now air the final three episodes on Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET, just before the network airs episodes of 48 Hours. That’s kind of the death slot, but the series was only slated for six episodes, anyway.

According to the network, the upcoming fourth episode will follow Patricia McNeill and Josh Hanshaft, two prosecutors who are developing the case against the bone and body tissue harvesting thieves that eventually took famed journalist Alistair Cooke’s bones and harvested them after he died at the age of 95. Other cases, including a man pretending to be his dead mother to access her finances, will also be a part of the episode.

As noted prior, moving Brooklyn DA will allow Person of Interest to access its new timeslot early, albeit in reruns. Sometimes, CBS will shuffle a program from a successful Thursday night slot into a new timeslot, hoping audiences will follow. The network recently did this with The Mentalist and now Person of Interest will follow suit. Sure, fans will still get reruns all summer, but this will allow us to readjust to the network’s new schedule a little earlier than usual. You can check out CBS’ fall schedule before the new season begins.

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