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Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro To Help Struggling Family Bakeries In TLC Pilot Bakery Go Time

If you're familiar with TLC's Cake Boss then you're likely well aware that baker Buddy Valastro knows cakes. He also knows a thing or two about running a successful bakery business, given the success of his Hoboken, New Jersey family business Carlo's Bakery. That experience will be put to good use in the pilot TLC has in the works, tentatively titled Bakery Go Time.

Bakery Go Time sounds like it'll work a bit like Kitchen Nightmares in that it'll feature struggling businesses inviting an expert in to offer first hand knowledge and experience in an effort to whip their establishments into shape. Except in the case of Bakery Go Time, instead of a British celebrity chef, these family run bakeries will be mentored by a Jersey-born cake maker. Buddy will spend a week at the featured bakery, helping the family "both personally and professionally" and evaluating their ingredients and techniques.

If ever there were a man equipped for a job like this, it's Buddy. Not only does he know how to bake, but he's very familiar with working with family, which makes him something of an expert in both regards. We see a lot of family disputes on Kitchen Nightmares and Gordon Ramsay makes an effort to counsel them, but Ramsay's business is cooking and restaurants. Buddy's is baking and family. So, assuming this project makes it to air, it should be interesting to see how he puts that wisdom to use with other people's businesses.

TLC gave the project a one-hour pilot order and they're currently looking for bakeries in head of some TLC. (Heh.) Here's the listing posted on their casting page.

BAKERIES IN NEED OF SOME TLC!Is your bakery going stale? Do conflicts within the shop prevent the bakery from raking in the dough? Are you struggling to be the best shop in town? Buddy, TLC's CAKE BOSS wants to whip your bakery into shape! If your bakery is in serious need of help, please email with the following information: Name, Location, Phone Number, Current Occupation, Bakery's Name and Location and Bakery's Web Site. Also let us know why your bakery needs Buddy's help, as well as a current photo of yourself and your bakery.

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