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Traditionally, summer on network television has meant months of reruns and reality shows filling up the hours until the real series are back on the air in the fall. Recent years, however, have seen the major networks premiering new shows for limited runs to draw in viewers. One of the most successful freshman series of the summer of 2015 was The Carmichael Show, which has been officially renewed for a second season on NBC.

The Carmichael Show maintained steady ratings throughout its six-episode run, and the critical acclaim, combined with healthy numbers, was enough to warrant the series a second season to expand on the delightful and slightly dysfunctional dynamics of the Carmichael family.

Starring comedian Jerrod Carmichael, The Carmichael Show is a fictionalized look at the important figures in his life as they endure issues spanning from romance to race to religion in South Carolina. President of NBC Entertainment Jennifer Salke was enthusiastic about the decision to renew the series, saying:
We’re extremely proud of The Carmichael Show and Jerrod’s voice and point of view is a breath of fresh air in a comedy series. The show made a big impact with viewers and critics because it’s funny and relatable but also because it’s fearless about discussing issues that are significant to the world today.

There’s been no confirmed date for the start of production for the second season, but Salke did hint that Jerrod Carmichael and Co. will not be off the air for long, saying that the network looks forward to bring the creative team's work "back to the schedule later this season."

The news of the renewal of The Carmichael Show was concurrent with news of the cancellation of Mr. Robinson, the series helmed by Craig Robinson. Both shows received similar ratings in their six-episode seasons, but the reviews that were kind to The Carmichael Show were far less so to Mr. Robinson. It is somewhat surprising that NBC alum Robinson wasn’t given more wiggle room after his success on the big screen and from the heyday of The Office, but there can be no doubt that Carmichael has earned his spot as lead of a primetime series on NBC.

Of course, NBC is far from the same network that dominated the airwaves with sitcoms like Friends and Will & Grace and…well, whatever show was lucky enough to share an hour with Friends at any given time. With The Office off the airwaves and Parks and Recreation coming to an end earlier this year after seven seasons, NBC needs to continue to give new series time to breathe and develop in the vein of The Carmichael Show.

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