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The comedy writing team of actresses Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) and June Diane Raphael (NTSF:SD:SUV) are building quite a name for themselves, as they’ve just landed their second sale this pitch season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. NBC has given a script order to the sitcom The Mason Twins, which will be written by the duo, who will executive produce with Stacy Traub (Glee).

The titular Masons are fraternal twins in their 30s living together and realizing that their lives are nowhere near what they’d planned for them. That’s a pretty vague description, to say the least, and doesn’t leave much room for conjecture, though their other projects they’re co-written together recently are something of a clue.

While they co-wrote 2009’s woeful Bride Wars, we aren’t counting that here. Together, they wrote and starred in the recently VOD-released comedy Ass Backwards, which features two women in a sort of arrested development who travel across the country back to their hometown to try and win a children’s beauty pageant that they never won as youths. As well, ABC recently put into development DINKS, the acronym that stands for Double Income, No Kids. It’s about a couple in their thirties without any kids, which Raphael is set to star in. I’m guessing the husband and wife are childish themselves. And from that, I extrapolate that The Mason Twins will be a similar case of women-children, which by all means is a nice reprieve from the constant man-child characters that are just about everywhere.

It’s unfortunate that there’s no word on whether the duo would be starring in The Mason Twins, because these are two of my favorite comic actresses out there, especially when they aren’t tethered to traditional comedy narratives. And their talents are complementary. Raphael’s performances on each season of the web series Burning Love are spotless, as is her work on NTSF:SD:SUV. And the both killed it on recent episodes of Comedy Central’s Drunk History.

For future projects, Raphael will star in the ABC pilot Pulling, as well as appearing every two weeks on her and husband Paul Scheer’s hilarious cinema-revering podcast How Did This Get Made? with the filthy Jason Mantzoukas. Wilson, meanwhile, will be seen in Max Landis’ comedy Me Him Her, Stacy Sherman’s comedy drama Claire’s Cambodia and Alex Fernie’s comedy Filthy Sexy Teen$.

Below you can check out the trailer for Ass Backwards, which will have a limited theatrical run starting November 8.

Now check out a trailer for the second season of Burning Love, because everyone should watch it.

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