The Catch Trailer: Check Out Shonda Rhimes' Newest ABC Show

Shonda Rhimes has done quite well for ABC. The prolific producer has three dramas currently airing: Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder. Now, she’ll have a fourth, The Catch, hitting the schedule. Today, ABC released the first look at the sharp new offering. Spoiler alert: it looks pretty cool. Give it a watch, below.

The Killing’s Mirielle Enos will star in The Catch, a brand new drama with a tricky premise. As the trailer touts, Enos will play Alice, a fraud investigator who is naturally suspicious of everyone, but who loses everything when her fiancé turns out to be a crook after the money she’s made. The ensuing cat and mouse game looks as if it will take up at least the bulk of the first season, but since Alice’s team is also a part of The Catch, I assume she’ll be solving cases on the side. Enos looks seriously slick in the first trailer for the melodrama, and with Rhimes' touch, it’ll probably be another winner for the network. Too bad ABC’s Thursday night lineup is already chock full for fall.

The powerhouse producer’s latest project was just announced a couple of months ago, and a pilot was ordered for The Catch. Since then, it has moved forward to series swiftly, with Damon Dayoub taking on the role of Alice’s former fiancé Kieren. Other names signed on to the series include Alimi Ballard as Evan, Jay Hayden as James, Jacky Ido as Emil, Bethany Joy Lenz as Zoe, Rose Rollins as Andie and Elvy Yost as Maria.

Unfortunately, it’ll still be a while before we get the chance to see The Catch in action. ABC’s fall schedule is largely similar to its schedule last year, with a few newbies, like The Muppets and Oil sprinkled in. The Catch will hit the schedule at midseason, possibly as a replacement for How To Get Away With Murder, which may have a shortened season. If you’d like to see what is returning in the fall, you can head here.

Between Revenge, Cristela, Forever, Resurrection and The Taste, ABC chose to cancel a lot of programs that had fanbases. Those eyes will need to be replaced this season. Fortunately, a lot of bright and shiny programming on the network’s horizon could lead ABC to something greater. We’ll have to wait and see which shows stick the landing and which end up being flops. If you have to bet money, bet most of it on The Catch sticking the landing. There's just too many elements here to bet against it.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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