Check Out Patrick Stewart's Perfect Reaction To His Golden Globe Nomination

If you spent the next week trying to think of things that Patrick Stewart could do wrong, you’d probably only come up with a few things, and there’d be no way to prove them, so the exercise would have been in vain. Just check out the way Stewart chose to celebrate after hearing about his Best Actor Golden Globe nomination for the Starz comedy Blunt Talk.

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Stewart happened to be vacationing in Jamaica with his wife Sunny Ozell when he got the news, which is why it was perfectly acceptable for him to be rocking swim trunks that match his aqua socks. Well, it’s technically always a good time for that kind of behavior, especially if one has a fruity cocktail in hand. But it’s even better when it’s Patrick Stewart cheekily cheering on recognition of his fabulous comedic efforts, and that’s probably just what his character would be doing, albeit with more stimulants.

Plus, it’s pretty much impossible to knock a 75-year-old body that looks as swimmingly fit as Stewart’s. Even in the sporadically horrifying world of Twitter.

Stewart is definitely worthy of celebrating however he feels like it, since he put in the killer effort deserving of such attention. When it was announced he would be playing the alcoholic, substance-abusing newscaster Walter Blunt, it sounded like a slice of dream-casting. And thankfully, the final product proved to be just as absurdly over-the-top as the previews promised, and this is a version of Stewart that you’ve never seen before. But make sure you do see it, since the ratings are pretty low.

While we have no idea just how many times Patrick Stewart has gone shirtless in the name of celebration, this is Stewart’s third time being nominated for a Golden Globe. He was previously recognized for his work on the 1998 miniseries Moby Dick and the 2003 TV movie The Lion in Winter. This is pretty much the biggest nomination that he’s received where his comedy skills are concerned, although he got the nod in 2006 for his outstanding guest spot on Extras.

Take a look at Stewart in action below, alongside his former Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Brent Spiner.

Blunt Talk, created by Bored to Death’s Jonathan Ames and executive produced by Seth Macfarlane, ended its freshman run in October, but it will be back next year, as Starz ordered 2 seasons when giving the series the greenlight. Here’s hoping Stewart wears this exact same outfit to the Globes.

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