Check Out Wes Bentley's Terrible Facial Hair In New American Horror Story Images

American Horror Story: Freak Show has spent the last several months teasing its ensemble cast. We’ve seen videos and photos from the set of the Florida-based series, and this week FX released a bevy of photos showing spectacular, colorful costuming and some truly terrible facial hair. The photos are particularly compelling because they give us a good look at the characters played by Wes Bentley, Emma Roberts, Frances Conroy, and more characters who haven't been in the spotlight during the early promos.


Fans who are excited about the series should take a look at this photo of Wes Bentley, first. The actor has sported some pretty crazy facial hair in the past, especially while playing Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games, but instead of sculpted and weird, this time he’s opted for shaggy and grotesque facial hair. In the new season of the FX drama, he’s set to play Eddie, a man from Kathy Bates' past who returns for revenge.

The photo of Emma Roberts’ character outlines the role she will have as a worker in the freak show. She’s set up with a table and a magic ball, as well as what looks to be a tarot deck. It looks like the a fortuneteller is in the cards.


While all of the other actresses and actors will be busy getting their freak on, Frances Conroy actually looks pretty demure in her photo. That’s probably because she is set to play a lady of means in Freak Show who has a problem when the show comes to town.


There are a ton of new stills focusing on the other members of the freak show, including the strongman, the bearded lady and the three-breasted woman. However, we still haven’t caught a glimpse of Twisty, the creepy clown that will be played by John Carroll Lynch. Showrunner Ryan Murphy has called what Lynch does in the new season “heart-stopping,” and he’s gone as far as to tell the Buzzfeed that he’s “worried about people being too afraid of our clowns. “

Still, even though we haven’t caught a glimpse of the terrifying clown, yet, there’s still plenty to look at in the photos. If you are excited about next month’s premiere, give them a watch, and don’t forget to tune in when American Horror Story: Freak Show hits the schedule on Wednesday, October 8 at 9 p.m. ET. You can also keep up with the rest of the fall premiere dates, here.

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