Chelsea Clinton Debuts As Special Correspondent On NBC's Nightly News

Chelsea Clinton has been gearing up to make an appearance as part of the NBC news team for several weeks. The 31 year-old daughter of President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got her first chance last night, first appearing on Nightly News to introduce her topic and later fleshing out her story in full on Rock Center with Brian Williams.

As a special correspondent for NBC, Clinton will be routinely presenting a new column titled “Making a Difference.” For her first report, Clinton headed to an area she was familiar with – her native Arkansas – to tell the story of Topps, a community center for kids in poverty located in Pine Bluff. The woman who runs Topps, Miss Dove, ensures kids get a meal in the afternoons, as well as have a place to stay after classes. She even offers activities like cooking lessons in the Topps space.

Overall, the piece was a nice way for Clinton to segue into her role on the NBC staff. You can tell she’s totally comfortable with the interview process, but she’s a little less comfortable when it comes to directly addressing a studio camera at this juncture. You can check out Clinton’s first appearance on Nightly News, below.

Clinton’s other appearance on Rock Center with Brian Williams can be seen over at MSNBC’s website.