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Chelsea Handler's New Show Is Already Having Major Drama Behind The Scenes, Get The Details

It’s been two years since Chelsea Handler left the E! network to do her own talk show on Netflix, marking the first time the streaming service would be utilizing a talk show format. Her new show, Chelsea, has only been on for three weeks with a total of 9 episodes, but the show is already experiencing major behind the scenes drama. It’s just been announced that Bill Wolff, who served as executive producer and showrunner, will be leaving the show.

As reported by Deadline, Bill Wolff will be leaving Chelsea for undisclosed reasons. He joined the show back in September and spent 9 months with Chelsea Handler creating the show and getting it ready for production. There doesn’t seem to be any ill will between the two parties, as both Handler and Wolff wished each other luck in the future. Bill Wolff’s position has not been replaced yet, with many speculating that Chelsea won’t designate a new showrunner at all. No one new has been brought in, and everyone will remain in their current position, with Handler being very creatively involved. Additionally, there will be no disruption to Chelsea’s current schedule, with episodes continuing to air on time.

Bill Wolff was something of a talk show veteran. He had what’s described as a “rocky” one-year tenure on The View, and he created and executive producer The Rachel Maddow Show.

Chelsea is a talk show on Netflix that utilizes studio interviews with a mix of fieldwork. Chelsea is currently slated for 90 half-hour episodes, with 9 having aired so far. The talk show airs three new episodes a week, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This is a first for Netflix, which usually just releases every episode at once, although that really isn’t a model for a talk show format. Chelsea has so far gotten a mixed reactions from fans.

For those curious about how a Netflix talk show works, here is a clip of Chelsea interviewing some of the cast of Captain America: Civil War. It’s an interview over dinner so the answers feel more natural, but it may come off as semi-awkward.

Chelsea airs new episodes on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and all episodes can be watched on Netflix. Their most recent episode featured Ashton Kutcher as the main guest.

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