After Justin Bieber Talks About Fighting Tom Cruise Again, The Rock Weighs In

If anyone was hoping that 2021 was going to somehow, magically, become significantly less weird than 2020, Justin Bieber has basically killed that idea. The singer has recently reignited his one-sided feud with Tom Cruise by posting an image of himself in boxing trunks, and implying he's getting ready to beat up the Mission: Impossible actor. An now the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Logan Paul are coming out to respond. And they all seem to support Bieber, at least in good fun.

The image of Justin Bieber in boxing trunks isn't actually a picture of the signer training to beat up Tom Cruise. It's part of a music video shoot, though Bieber apparently has trained for combat sports to some degree and can reportedly hold his own. He looks to be in decent shape in the image below, where he tells Cruise to look out.

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The image has received a lot of response, fellow personality turned boxer, Logan Paul, referred to Bieber as "Rocky Balbieber" and even Dwayne Johnson chimed in, also busting out a Rocky quote saying...

'You’re gonna eat lightning and crap thunder' go get em bro '

I'm not saying The Rock wants to see Justin Bieber beat up Tom Cruise but based on his response to Bieber, I'm not entirely convinced that isn't what he wants either. I mean, I'm not sure anybody really wants to see these two get into an actual fight, but we're also sort of curious, right?

This whole thing started back in the summer of 2019 when Justin Bieber, basically out of nowhere, challenged Tom Cruise to an MMA battle. The whole thing made about as much sense as it seems to from the outside. Why Justin Bieber chose Tom Cruise for his ire was unclear. Of course, Bieber later confessed he wasn't actually serious and the whole thing was a joke, and so the post here is just everybody else having good fun with the same joke.

Tom Cruise never responded to the whole thing, even in jest, so it's unclear how the actor felt about being singled out. Tom Cruise isn't a trained fighter but he certainly has no issues getting physical when necessary. And certainly Tom Cruise has received some training to learn how to look like he's fighting, and one assumes some of that could probably translate to actual fighting if the chips were down. Could...this actually be a decent fight worth watching?

I'm not sure the resurgence of this joke is the best sign for the new year. If this is what we're in for, things look to be starting off just as rough as last year ended. At the same time, if the world was back to normal enough that a public exhibition between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise was a thing that was happening, I'd be there.

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