Will Claire Danes' Pregnancy Affect Homeland Season 2?

After recently taking the time to re-watch Homeland's first season in its entirety, what impressed me most was just how great the Showtime drama series holds up, even without the element of mystery. In fact, even knowing how the first season was going to turn out, there was still an element of suspense, as well as the added enjoyment of knowing how to interpret those little clues that would eventually lead to revelations. If you have the chance to watch Season 1 again before Season 2 begins, I recommend it. The season may actually be better the second time around.

And if you haven't seen Homeland yet, I strongly recommend reading no further, as this article contains references to the series' first season, and the finale in particular!

Having re-watched Season 1, I'm now especially excited to see where things pick up in the Showtime drama series' second season. While details on Season 2 seem scarce at this point, including in what state we'll find Claire Danes' CIA Agent Carrie Mathison, it doesn't sound like pregnancy is in the cards for the character. Seems like a strange bit of news to share, but as People announced yesterday, Claire Danes is actually pregnant (Congrats Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy!), so it's fair to speculate on how it might affect the series. Reportedly, not at all. People reports that a spokesman states that the pregnancy isn't expected to affect production on the drama, and TV Line adds to this by bringing up the possibility that Carrie Matthison might end up being pregnant in the show, but they quickly debunk the theory, reconfirming People's report that Danes' pregnancy is not expected to have any affect on the series.

The Showtime series, which is scheduled to premiere its second season on September 30, is reportedly in the latter stages of shooting for its second season, so it sounds like this was a well-timed pregnancy. With that said, what a twist it would have been if Mathison did end up pregnant with Nicholas Brody's (Damian Lewis) baby. But given that Season 1 ended with her on a table, receiving electroshock therapy, it's probably not the right time for that. There are some other pretty major issues that Carrie needs to tackle (like remembering that tidbit about Brody's relationship with Abu Nazir's son).

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