The Clan Of The Cave Bear Just Found Its Female Lead

We’re still scratching our heads over the fact that Lifetime is planning on turning the classic novel The Clan of the Cave Bear into a TV pilot. But even if we never understand it probably, at least now we know who to picture in the lead role, as model and up-and-coming actress Millie Brady has signed on to front the project.

Brady will star as Ayla in the pilot, according to Deadline. For those who aren’t aware of what The Clan of the Cave Bear is about, the historical story centers on Ayla, a Cro-Magnon who is homeless and orphaned after her home has been destroyed. (It all takes place around 25,000 years ago, pre-earthquake insurance.) She is taken in by a group of Neanderthals, slowly becoming one of their own, despite being one of “The Others.” Though she’s thought of as a beacon of good fortune, the clan leader’s son Broud doesn’t think of her that way at all, and serves as her opposing force.

I can’t wait to see how Brady stacks up to Daryl Hannah, who played the role in Michael Chapman’s 1986 film of the same name. Hannah was 26 at the time, and Brady is in her very early 20s, so there’s no huge discretion there. Here’s a shot of the two next to each other, with Brady’s image taken from Burr Steers’ upcoming genre-masher Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, in which she plays Mary Bennet.


It’s interesting to consider how Lifetime plays things, and whether or not the English language is used, which will certainly be the make-or-break decision in getting this series in front of enough viewers. The network has done well with its pop culture-friendly original movies, such as the recent Whitney Houston flick, although they’re nowhere near as well-established with original series. With Devious Maids entering its third season later this year, we have only the rest of their upcoming slate to judge them by, such as the Omen sequel and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. Seems like The Clan of the Cave Bear will have more sunshine than those series.

While she made headlines at one point because of a relationship gone sour with One Direction member Harry Styles, Millie Brady will hopefully get more attention for her onscreen work as her career builds. At this point, beyond Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, she’s only appeared as daughter Violette Selfridge during the second season of PBS’ Mr. Selfridge. As far as upcoming work goes, she’ll star opposite Tom Hardy and Emily Browning in Brian Helgeland’s thriller Legend.

Here’s hoping we hear more news about this pilot before 25,000 years have passed. Are you guys happy to see the newcomer Brady in the role?

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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