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Chuck, NBC's spy-comedy, is entering it's fifth and final season and everyone showed up for the panel. The entire cast, including leads Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahoski, Adam Baldwin and Josh Gomez as well as producer Chris Fedak. The fourth season, when there was still some uncertainty about renewal, ended on a cliffhanger with Morgan becoming the new intersect. With the fifth officially a go, let's see what they've got in store for us (sorry for referring to everyone but the leads as their character names!).

10:00 The panel begins as people continue to file in and it looks like we're going to start with a special screening made specifically for the Con. Mostly it's a Morgan training montage in prep for his role as the new intersect.

10:09The panel is introduced. The crowd went crazy for Adam Baldwin especially, that is until Zach Levi walked out. He was introduced as the king of Comic Con and from the reaction (and his ultra-cool entrance) I believe it.

10:16When asked the difference between Chuck as the intersect and Morgan, Gomez simply replied that where Chuck wants to do good, "Morgan just wants to hurt people with kung fu." Strahovski said she'll miss kicking ass and be "taking a break, now that Josh is in the limelight. But I do love to kick-some ass."

10:17Casey has met his match or his love-match? He will get a love interest named Gertrude, who has yet to be cast but Adam Baldwin would

10:18Amazing! Chirs Fedak says we can expect a few guest stars and they just, "cast the first villain, to be played by Mark Hamill!" Yes. Luke Skywalker extends his geek-legend by going up against Chuck.

10:19Captain Awesome's been giving notes to writer Chris Fedak about his involvement in the new season. With Gomez' new hair and Baldwin's love interest. Baby Claire makes the stakes really high when he gets into the spy world.

10:21 They were asked if everyone on stage would live, Zach shoot his head no before pointing to himself. And followed it up with how he wants the show to end, "awesomely," before adding "I don't".

10:25 Lester wants the show to end with a baby between him and Jeff... Jeff told him to "stop talking"

10:29 Zach's favorite stunt is when he and Adam fell off the balcony into the pool (mentioning how their stun coordinator has won a few Emmys). Yvonne loved the Thailand episode.

10:33 When asked if Aussie women love American accents, Zach stepped in and told him the line for creepy questions is over there (pointing out the door).

10:35 The intersect effects everyone differently. By the third episode, Morgan will have frosted tips. Yvonne wants to see Josh/Morgan's flash face, which made the crowd erupt in chants to see it. He didn't disappoint.

10:37 Fedak says they are open for spin-offs or movies. "There could be a Captain Awesome television show and there should be." Or a Jeffster greatest hits album.

10:40 Over time they become the actor's character. So as the show develops, they all had more input on their characters but they film so fast (a seven day turn around) that there isn't time to deviate from the scripts.

10:42 They're always referencing comics in the show and showing Comic Con posters, would they ever shoot at SDCC?

10:44"Who would win in a fight? Casey or Jane?" to which Baldwin replied, "we are out of time, but this is a Chuck panel so Jane would win."

10:45 In the closing comments, Zach looks genuinely upset. "I love every single one of you. All the money you spent on sandwiches." He looks close to tears, choking up. Everyone applauds and I'm sure there are a few tears in the crowd as well. Standing ovation. A great way to end it.
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