Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to television this fall in a brand new, mysterious looking new series called Ringer. While it doesn’t involve vampires, the show looks every bit as creepy and strange as Buffy used to be, maybe with more of a soap opera style twist.

The promo video below, which debuted earlier today at the San Diego Comic Con, gives us our first in-depth look at Ringer, by introducing the cast and dipping in to the show’s twisty, thriller plot. It seems a lot of revolves around Sarah Michelle Gellar trying to kill her twin. That’s right, she plays twins. Check it out:

Sarah Michelle Gellar as two sexy twins bent on each other’s destruction would be reason enough alone to make this show a must watch, but throw the greatness of Nestor Carbonell and Ioan Gruffudd… and Ringer is not to be missed. Look for it on The CW starting September 13 of this year.

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