Comic Con: Six Things I Learned At The Burn Notice Panel

After sitting in on the panel for USA’s Burn Notice here at Comic Con today, I learned quite a bit, including that the writers are very funny. Ok, I’ve seen the show, so technically, I already knew that but the panel was full of laughs as actor Bruce Campbell, creator Matt Nix, director Tim Matheson and executive producer Alfredo Barrios Jr. discussed the series and cracked jokes that had the already enthusiastic crowd laughing and cheering throughout the hour-long session.

Amidst the jokes and Campbell’s repeated flirtatious remarks to some of the fans, we were given a bit of insight into the making of Burn Notice and one spoilery bit that I’ve included in the list below. Keep an eye out for the spoiler warning, in case you don’t want to know.

Here are six things I learned at today’s Burn Notice panel.

-The writers have gotten complaints from law enforcement agencies about the information that’s disclosed on the series. They pulled back on a voice-over regarding how to prevent bomb-detection because it gave too much actual information away.

-The writers are always looking for new ways to blow things up and they’ve come to a point where they’ve started reading warning labels as instructions. “Contents under pressure may explode… Excellent!”

-Jeffrey Donovan doesn’t sweat often, despite the Miami heat.

-“Tim’s super-power as a director is his ability to never listen.” – This was said with a tone of praise and amusement with regards to Tim Matheson’s grand ideas for how to shoot big scenes.

-Burn Notice: The Movie! The prequel film is set to center on Bruce Campbell’s character. More details on that, here!

Spoiler alert!

-Fiona will get kidnapped at some point this season. “Never kidnap Fiona.” – Bruce Campbell. I think that’s probably good advice, though it’s too late for whoever did make that mistake. It should be interesting to see how she reacts to that.

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