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Community’s Ken Jeong is headed to TBS for a guest stint on the network’s sophomore comedy, Sullivan & Son. The actor will play Jason, the brother-in-law of the show’s hero, Steve (Steve Byrne), during Season 2. Humorously, Jeong’s profession will be a doctor in the guest episode.

Jeong actually went to medical school before he broke into comedy, which makes him a perfect fit for the role. EW is reporting that his character will be a high-strung workaholic whose taxing ways are causing problems in his marriage to Steve’s sister, played by Vivian Bang on the program. When Steve attempts to find a solution to their marital problems, his ideas with Jason will begin to backfire. Season 2 of the comedy is set to return to the schedule in the summer of 2013.

Despite his upcoming appearance in The Hangover 3, as well as plenty of past appearances in other comedic films, it’s still difficult to picture Jeong playing anyone but good old, creeptastic Chang on Community. However, Jeong’s guest stint on Sullivan & Son is the second time we’ve heard about a new small screen gig for the Community cast member over the last several weeks. He’s also set to appear in ABC’s Spy pilot and while Jeong is still lined up for NBC’s comedy, first, it really doesn’t bode well that the comedian is looking elsewhere. At least Jeong’s gig on Sullivan & Son should be a guest stint that won’t affect his career in the long-term. It may even give me a reason to actually tune in to TBS’ comedy.

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