It isn’t too early to relive the glory that was Community’s opening scene. NBC was quick to post the video featuring the opening number from the start of the series’ third season premiere, and you can watch it here. West coast viewers: Spoilers ahead!

You really can’t beat an opening song to drum up enthusiasm for a show, now can you? Watch the cast of the excellent comedy series dazzle us with their musical abilities as they kicked off the third season in style. They make a lot of promises I really hope they don't intend to keep. I don't want more normal, less crazy, and I don't want fine! Happy is good though, as is living forever. (Six seasons and a movie!)

I liked Shirley’s reaction to seeing Dean Pelton dressed in the same sparkly purple outfit she was wearing.

Community airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. Et on NBC.

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