Conan fans may not be quite as plentiful as those who watch the late night talk shows on network television, but what they lack in numbers, they make up for in dedication and determination. That appears to be what Conan is looking for with the "Occupy Conan" campaign, which will invite fans to re-create an episode through crowdsourcing.

Conan O'Brien will make the official kick-off announcement in early november, but from what TBS says, Conan will be the first late-night series to invite fans to recreate a full episode through crowdsourcing. "Occupy Conan" will challenge fans to work together to produce an episode. " The episode fans will be tasked with creating will be a special compilation episode made up of great moments from the show's second season."

This sounds like just the kind of thing Conan fans will have a lot of fun with. And wouldn't it be funny if Conan fired back by pointing out even the slightest mistake or slip-up in the recreation? A little payback for all of the "Fan Corrections" segments featured on the TBS talk show, perhaps? Either way, if fans come through on this, the final product has the potential to be really funny.

Here's the promotional video TBS released along with this announcement:

Fans will be able to sign on as members of the movement and watch the selected episode through Team Coco's "OccupyCONAN" website at They can then begin taping exact replicas of everything from Conan's opening monologue to skits to celebrity interviews. Fans can work on segments by themselves or together with other fans.

All videos must be submitted to the "Occupy CONAN" website by the announced deadline. Team Coco will then evaluate the videos and assemble the best version of each episode segment into a complete "Occupy CONAN" episode. The episode will air on TBS in January during CONAN's regular timeslot.

The campaign won't be announced officially until next month, so right now the website is just a "coming soon" page, but fans should keep a lookout for the announcement and the launch of the campaign.

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