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While some celebrities may be trying to earn a spot on the next season of Dancing with the Stars, Conan got the inside scoop on the celebrities hoping for a role on Jersey Shore. Check out the video that features Jack McBrayer, John Lithgow, DJ Qualls, and Jesse Eisenberg as they audition for a spot on the reality show.

Conan’s videos are usually good for a laugh, and this one is no exception, especially when factoring in the excellent line-up of celebs who appear in it. Hearing the words “pimp of all pimps” come out of Jack McBrayer’s mouth, and watching Jesse Eisenberg talk about beating… up-that-beat, are reasons enough to watch the video. As I’m also a fan of DJ Qualls (Memphis Beat, Road Trip), and John Lithgow (Dexter, Third Rock From the Sun), this one’s a real winner, in my book.

Watching the above video really has me wishing MTV would shake up Jersey Shore by putting the cast into a house with people that aren’t like them. Picture the JS people sharing a house with a couple of Harvard graduates, or perhaps some upper-class British people, just to see how they interact with each other. Or perhaps John Lithgow can enter the JS house and creep everyone out with his portrayal of Trinity or the villain from Cliffhanger.

Conan airs weeknights 11/10c on TBS.