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When Constantine was airing on NBC, the show was a self-contained story that didn’t have any interactions with other DC shows like Arrow and The Flash, but it didn’t have to be that way. Arrow star Stephen Amell said there were talks of him guest-starring on an episode of Constantine, but since NBC cancelled the series, that idea never came to fruition. Fortunately for fans, there may still be a chance for John Constantine to appear on Arrow, even if the his show doesn’t get picked up by another network.

When asked whether there had been discussions of having Arrow and Constantine cross over, executive producer Marc Guggenheim stated that he and the other writers talked about it frequently and still have something in mind should it ever happen. Said Guggenheim:
It’s something we’ve discussed a great deal. I think there’s a lot of desire on our part as writers and also on the actor’s part which is also a prerequisite. I think the studio and DC would be on board with it. I think the tricky thing for us with the show’s fate up in the air, it complicates things for us a bit. We’re waiting for all the dust to settle and the pieces to fall into place but it’s something that continues to come up.

Guggenheim also told that they have one “fantastic” idea for a crossover, but there are certain things that are out of their hands that need to be figured out before they go any further with the idea. As it stands now, showrunner Daniel Cerone and the rest of the Constantine crew have until June to find a new home for the series, which is when the actors’ contracts expire. However, it’s good to know that even if the show never returns, the Arrow folks are at least considering bringing aboard the trench coat-wearing occultist for at least one appearance. That would keep interest in the character around even if he doesn’t get to go off on solo adventures again.

Arrow began delving into the world of mysticism this season with the introduction of the Lazarus Pit. These strange waters not only heal injuries, but have also kept Ra’s al Ghul alive for centuries. With the League of Assassins storyline seemingly wrapping up with this week’s season finale, it’s unclear when Arrow (if at all) will give more background about the Pit, but having Constantine appear would be a great way for Oliver and Team Arrow to learn more about it, as well as any other magical item/force that may appear.

Arrow has also already opened the door to superpowers, and The Flash and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow are heavily exploring sci-fi elements. The CW DC shows might as well put all their cards on the table and explore the world of magic, and that chain-smoking, magic-conjuring smart-ass can be the guy who fully opens up that realm.

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