The changes in Cougar Town are still coming down the line. It’s not just a new network that’s in the cards for the series, but also a new showrunner, news that came about via an interview with star Courteney Cox. Bill Lawrence, the force behind the show, is stepping down as showrunner as of next season.

Vulture followed up on a comment from Cox regarding the future of the show, in which she commented on the new people coming on board the comedy, including a new showrunner. Turns out that it wasn’t just a passing comment. Bill Lawrence’s people have confirmed to Vulture that he won’t be showrunner for the next season of Cougar Town at the show’s new home.

Fans of Cougar Town rejoiced at the announcement that TBS has picked up the series for Season 4, after months of waiting and watching to see what would happen with the precarious position it held at NBC. The move to cable means plenty of changes on the show, a little more freedom and plenty of new people on board. Who the new showrunner will be, there’s no word just yet. Lawrence won’t be leaving the show entirely, simply stepping back from the day-to-day production. Co-creator Kevin Biegel is also stepping down, but like Lawrence will remain involved and steer the show’s creative direction.

So the search is on for a replacement who will see Cougar Town into its future over at TBS, where ten new episodes have been ordered and are scheduled to premiere in the new year.

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