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Could Arrow's Stephen Amell Square Off Against Stardust In WWE's SummerSlam After All?

The worlds of wrestling and other forms of pop culture have always made for interesting bedfellows, and 2015 has given us one of the most oddly compelling cross-promotional rivalries yet, with Arrow star Stephen Amell and WWE superstar Stardust recently embroiled in an occasional battle of words. It looked as if this ridiculous antagonism would come to a head at this year’s SummerSlam with a match between the two making the rumor rounds. And although Amell seemingly shut those rumors down, Stardust isn’t done teasing the actor, and we’re hoping this means more is coming.

At a recent WWE house show, Stardust called Amell out on his way to the ring, as captured in a video shared on the WWE’s Twitter page. Check it out below.

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In his signature weirdo style, Stardust tells Amell that he knows “his secret.” Oddly, part of the wrestler’s angle in this quasi-feud has been saying that Stephen Amell isn’t Stephen Amell at all, but that he’s actually the Arrow, which makes a certain amount of WWE sense. It’s no fun calling out a Canadian actor, but it’s encroaching courageousness to call out an actual superhero with arrows that can do just about anything he needs them too. (And it’s not like the easily defeatable Stardust has a whole lot else going on storyline-wise.) That said, I have no idea if this “secret” he’s referring to is the plainly obvious “Amell is Arrow” thing, or something else entirely.

So is this a sign of things to come, or is it just a lot of hot air? I’m certain that the WWE would love to keep this going, as Amell is one of the more popular celebrities out there, drawing attention to the squared circle from people who don’t care much for wrestling. And when Amell tweeted his denial reply to the rumors of a SummerSlam match-up, he taunted “Cody wants no piece of me.” Strange that Stardust likes to think of Amell as his green-hooded CW hero, while Amell calls Stardust by the first half of his real name, Cody Rhodes. One of these guys clearly has fewer issues understanding reality.

We’ll find out if Amell/Arrow will indeed show up for SummerSlam in some capacity by the time the pay-per-view event takes place on August 23, 2015, two months before Arrow’s Season 4 will premiere on The CW. Fingers crossed Gustin Grant pops by in his Flash suit to throw insults at Seth Rollins.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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