Watch Stephen Amell's Adorable Birthday Surprise For A Young Fan

The Flash may dominate in the ratings right now, but it’s Arrow’s Stephen Amell who absolutely crushes at social media. A fan of the Green Arrow recently invited Amell to his 12th birthday party, and Amell sent this absolutely cool message to the young girl in response. Check it out, below.

In the video, Amell discusses how pleased he was to get the invitation to 12-year-old Natalie’s big birthday shindig. Unfortunately, Amell is still very busy shooting Season 3 of Arrow in Vancouver, BC, and could not make it to his fan’s awesome Arrow-themed party. After the party girl’s mom went to the trouble to invite the popular actor to her daughter’s party as a surprise, he wanted her to have something special for her Arrow party, so he filmed a video message for the girl that was captured in the video above. Amusingly, the actor shares intimate details about his own 12th birthday party—it was wrestling themed—and even gives young Natalie some advice about how to save the city by having a fantastic birthday. Corny stuff, but very cute.

If you’re going to get a video message from a TV celebrity, Stephen Amell is a pretty top choice. The man is a master of self-promotion via social media, creating fun FB footage for his hordes of followers each week. He’s also a master of Twitter and Instagram, and he memorably even released another excellent video of himself teaching Arrow fans how to do the salmon ladder. Needless to say, he's pretty experienced at the whole video message thing.

Celebrities all of the time go out of their way to visit hospitals and make dreams come true for kids, but it's a lot rarer that a celebrity makes an effort for a random birthday party. Luckily, Natalie seems to a superfan of the right celebrity and TV series, and Amell made time in his busy day to make sure her party was extra special. That’s at least two steps better than the excellent wedding invitation response Parks and Rec actor Nick Offerman sent back to a happy couple just a few months ago. (Apparently, it's time to up your game, Offerman.)

Even though Amell couldn't physically attend her party, if young Natalie ever needs an Arrow fix, there are still a few episodes left this season. The DC Comics-based superhero series has been pretty event-filled so far, thanks to a big death during the premiere and the arrival of Ra’s Al Ghul that lead to an awesome midseason finale (not to mention plenty of other great episodes this winter). If she wants to see her favorite superhero get up to a bit more action, all she has to do is tune in to the CW on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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