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While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is tied together across both film and television, the DC side is perfectly happy with keeping most of its live-action projects mutually exclusive. Super executive producer Greg Berlanti is a major part of the interconnected DC universe on The CW, and he’s also a part of CBS’ Supergirl, but it’s previously been stated that a crossover between those worlds wasn’t in the cards. But now a new rumor is circling that says The Flash might actually visit Supergirl for a sweeps week push.

The alleged stipulation that has to happen in order for Flash and Supergirl to cross over is CBS needing to extend the order for Season 1 episodes of the Melissa Benoist-led series. Should Supergirl get what we’ll assume would be a 22-episode season, then it would allow it to reach the May sweeps week, and that would be when the two shows would team up on the freshman drama. At least, that’s how Bleeding Cool is saying it could happen.

It’s obvious just how great this superpowered co-mingling would be, but let’s look at the logistics of this. First, we have to consider the fact that everyone involved with both shows has denied anything connecting the shows together. But the language was always pretty wishy-washy, implying nothing is happening now, but the option is always there for the future.

If this rumor turns out to be true, it seems as if CBS execs are more comfortable with having another popular character joining Supergirl than letting something happen the other way around. The audience following Supergirl probably isn’t as large as CBS would like, and even though The Flash’s ratings are much smaller, the fanbase is undeniably rabid for the show, and there’s a good chance many of those viewers would make the jump to Supergirl and stick around.

As well, CBS owns half of The CW, so there presumably wouldn’t be any weird rights issues happening in getting the characters from one show to the other. It might be a little different if one of them were trying to get a Gotham character on. But then that stab-happy show is probably too dark to mix with these two anyway.

Now, if we’re in a world where this rumor turns out to be truth, it would be pretty crazy to see the S.T.A.R. Labs team temporarily getting shit done in National City. Now I can’t help but need to see a scene between Earth 2 Harrison Wells and Cat Grant, which I assume would start off with stockpiled snark and end with smooches behind closed curtains.

CBS will likely make a decision on Supergirl’s fate during the midseason hiatus, so we might be waiting a while to see whether or not this rumor has weight. Until then, tune into Supergirl on Mondays on CBS, and don’t forget that next week is the two-night crossover between The Flash and Arrow.