Daredevil's Steven DeKnight Has The Perfect Response To James Gunn's Teary Reaction

Netflix unleashed Daredevil this past weekend to waves of acclaim from both hardcore comic fans and those largely unfamiliar with the hero. One of the more attention-grabbing reactions came from Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who rained emotionally-driven praise down upon the series. And showrunner Steven DeKnight responded with an equally touching post, proving that directors who embrace violence can still be good ol’ softies on the inside.

Here’s how DeKnight put it on his Twitter page

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Something feels so insider-y about knowing the man who created the hardcore spectacle that is Spartacus was brought to tears by a CGI tree’s acceptance of his fellow heroes. It doesn’t get better than that, as it was definitely the most heartfelt moment in Guardians. Some of the scenes in Gunn’s Slither made my eyes a little wet, but that was mostly ooze and guts, not tears.

While the fight sequences in Guardians of the Galaxy were fun and flashy, I hope that Gunn uses his admiration for the toga-free fight scenes in Daredevil to bring some of the same to his intergalactic superhero saga. Of course, that might just be me wanting to see Chris Pratt breaking people’s arms. (I also want to see that happen in Jurassic World.) And if Gunn decided that he wants in on Marvel’s Netflix series, that’s even better.

DeKnight has shown a lot of appreciation to his fans on social media ever since Daredevil came out. He also sent a kind shout out to former Daredevil comic scribe Kevin Smith, whom you might remember had a cameo in the Ben Affleck film. Or you might not, if you decided to forget that movie exists.

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If you haven’t watched all 13 episodes of Daredevil’s Season 1 yet, then I am a jealous person, as I wish I could watch them all again for the first time.

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