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Dating Naked Has Been Renewed For Season 3

Reality shows have become less popular in recent years, but VH1 has found a second life in the genre by producing gimmicky shows like Dating Naked. Yes, this is a reality show that follows people who go to exotic locations, take their clothes off and then attempt to go on the most awkward dates ever, doing everything from kayaking to riding horses (which has to be uncomfortable without a bra, right?). With all of the butts random TV watchers get to see on the series, I guess it should come as no surprise that VH1 has renewed Dating Naked for Season 3.

That’s right, fans of the reality dating series will be getting another season of the show, although it probably will not happen for a little while. The news comes just as Dating Naked is wrapping up its second season on VH1; the finale is expected to air on September 16. Season 2 of the competition series has featured two new men and two new women getting undressed each week to go on dates with the two “primary” contestants on the show, Chris and Kerri. The new format for the series, which has rolled with the subtitle Playing for Keeps, has done quite well for the network. VH1 notes the series is up in the 18-49 demo 133% from Season 1, so more people are watching than ever.

While Dating Naked seems over-the-top, the show is on cable and does blur out body parts, so it's less crazy than the average episode of Game of Thrones. Still, the show did get into some hot water for accidentally showing a woman’s vagina during the first season of the reality program. She later sued the company for the exposure, and while the show has stayed out of the headlines since, the slip could theoretically have helped out the show's ratings.

VH1 used to be a network known for music blocks and Behind the Music specials, but as music platforms have moved online, the network has tried to rework its lineup to fit a new audience. In order to do this, VH1 has a bunch of reality programs on the air, including Dating Naked, but also Basketball Wives and Nicole Richie’s Candidly Nicole. The network has also attempted to get into the scripted programming game, although those efforts have note been as successful. The network’s recent freshman time travel series Hindsight was given a Season 2 renewal order, only to have the network take it back a short time later, effectively canceling the drama.

So, maybe scripted programming isn’t right up VH1’s alley. At least the network’s reality offerings (and reality parodies) are doing pretty well. It’ll probably be a while before Dating Naked asks any more random strangers to go to exotic locations and get naked. Regardless, in the meantime, if you really need to get your fix of blurred boobs and genitals, you can catch the Dating Naked finale when it airs on Wednesday, September 16 at 9 p.m. ET. In addition, you can catch full episodes over on VH1’s site.

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